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"As a coach, Carol has been instrumental in helping me to achieve meaningful outcomes and progress in achieving my professional goals, specifically in the areas of:

  • Establishing clear short- and long-term goals, not only my professional goals, but life goals as well. 
  • Learning how to balance interests inside my rapidly growing team.
  • Globalizing my leadership skills in the area of cross-cultural interaction.
  • Up-leveling my ability to think strategically.
  • Moving forward and out of "frustration" and into "action" mode. 
  • Eliminating wasted energy by focusing on the important issues. 
  • Expanding my insights and connections within the global insurance market. 

Now I am more professional, optimistic and conscious!

Thank you, Carol, for a brilliant opportunity to partner with you."

-Senior Director, Major Eastern European Insurance Company 

"I have worked with Carol for close to 12 months, and felt that our sessions were incredibly helpful. 

Carol helped me to become a more effective manager. I was/am still transitioning from my early career as an individual contributor to  a management-leader, and as such, the coaching sessions helped me to identify and implement strategic goals, anticipate obstacles to success, and effectively lead my team. 

Thank you, Carol!"

-Regional Manager, Fortune 100 Company 

"I cannot speak more highly of Carol. Her guidance and mentorship has been instrumental not only in my professional development as a leader, but also when it comes to decision-making in general. 

Carol is precise, data-driven, and incredibly effective at synthesizing information. 

She has a wealth of experience building teams for decades and navigating complex organizations. 

I am lucky to call her a mentor and friend."

-Head Actuary, Nascent Technology Development Company 


"It is an honor to write this recommendation for Carol Barton. For the past year, Carol has been working with me as a coach in my work as leader of a large non-profit. Her suggestions, ideas, expertise and creativity have served me and my organization well. I am better able to understand both my strengths and weaknesses and to work to better utilize my strengths as well as understand and minimize my 'growing edges'.

In each and every conversation we have shared, Carol is consistently able to illustrate different perspectives so that I can effectively use them in my professional capacity. She is an excellent listener as she lifts up possibilities for my goals and objectives and creatively helps me find ways to implement these possibilities. Her honesty in seeing a clear picture of all players in any given situation is a real strength. She is able to articulate how an obstacle with interpersonal relations or office systems may be impeding a particular goal, and how it may then be overcome. Through her excellent intuition and experience, she is then also able to demonstrate to me how a stronger relationship or a different strategy might lead to success in reaching a vision for growth.

She has financial acumen, experience with diverse organizations, compassion, discretion and a great sense of humor. These personal attributes combine to make our meetings not only helpful and productive for me and my work, but also fun!

I can say that in these past months of working with and learning from Carol, my leadership has improved with tangible results in managing staff, and reaching personal and executive goals for my organization. I am grateful for her time and expertise, for her personal qualities of integrity, loyalty and creativity, as well as her professional insights and guidance.

Carol has my highest recommendation for any one seeking to grow in their personal leadership capacities and to bring their institution or organization to a higher level of competency and success in reaching strategic goals. I am grateful to know her and most appreciative of her consultative coaching."