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Vision | Strategy | Execution | ValueVision | Strategy | Execution | Value

Are you looking for a keynote speaker who can educate and inspire your associates by speaking on highly relevant current topics impacting your business?

  • Business Transformation & Growth
  • Customer-Centricity
  • Career Development 
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Emerging Markets & Trends
  • Gender Equality 
  • Women and Minorities in Leadership

To learn more how Carol can inspire your conference or summit events, please schedule an Exploratory Call to discuss further. 

Recent Speaking Engagements:

GLG Thought Leadership Teleconference for Financial Services Clients (2020)

As speaker for this conference, the effects of CoViD-19 Coronavirus on the Insurance Industry were explored. This involved providing insights on previous outbreaks such as SARS, industries most impacted, key factors and what was learned, and differences in economics in play then and now. Moving to the current contagion, Carol discussed where clients might look for communicable disease coverage within their property and casualty covers, which industries would be hardest hit, dynamics around supply chain and what businesses can do in response to interruptions to operations. While there is significant uncertainty around CoViD-19 and its potential global impact, it is clear that incidents of Infectious epidemics are on the rise. Looking forward, coordinated prevention and response strategies coupled with effective insurance solutions will be needed to effectively mitigate the catastrophic human and economic loss potential of these emerging risks. .