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Vision | Strategy | Execution | Value

Vision | Strategy | Execution | ValueVision | Strategy | Execution | Value

Looking to dominate your market through innovation and strategic decision-making?

...Strategically assess a new market opportunity? 

...Set a client-focused vision and value proposition? 

...Establish the strategic plan forward? 

...Propel your organization to new heights of performance?

Strategem can help you and your organization move to even greater levels of success! 

With over 25 years' of progressive leadership experience in the insurance industry, Carol Barton is an expert in leading and facilitating for results by providing strategic consultation that excels in: 

  • Unearthing Opportunities for Growth 
  • Redefining Client Value Proposition
  • Strategic Assessment, Business Planning and Prioritization 
  • Building a Viable Framework for Execution 
  • Driving Stakeholder Buy-in for Change
  • Neutralizing Weaknesses & Clearly Understanding Potential Threats 
  • Identifying Operational Roadblocks
  • Eliminating Obstacles to Success
  • Capturing Market Share through Product and Service Differentiation
  • Creating Client Value

To learn more about how Carol can help you and your team navigate these challenges and experience a break-through in your business, schedule an Exploratory Consultation. 

Carol's tried-and-true consultative methodology and in-depth experience can help:

Recognized in 2017 by Business Insurance as one of the “125 Elite Women in the Industry,” Strategem's founder and CEO Carol Barton has been transforming underperforming insurance businesses into thriving, profitable market leaders that deliver differentiated client value for years. 

Core to her success has been the ability to guide stakeholders through a strategic assessment and facilitation process that clarifies the business vision, redefines the client value proposition, and then builds a viable framework for execution. 

No stranger to change management, Carol knows first-hand that systemic change is exceedingly complex, and for any change effort to be successful it must also address stakeholder response both internally and externally.   

To successfully navigate these challenges, Carol leverages a change management framework for transformation, and guides stakeholders in a facilitation process that brainstorms through obstacles by garnering stakeholder buy-in as an integral part of the solution-building process. 

Leveraging this framework, she has been repeatedly effective in turning around performance to provide a deeply enhanced level of value to customers and deliver award-winning solutions while on the Executive Leadership Team for two leading global insurance companies.

Successfully leading transformational change through stakeholder engagement:


Anyone who has had to lead a team through transition, get buy-in for new ideas, and drive adoption for new ways of conducting business, knows first-hand the challenges and bottlenecks involved in advancing change management. Without the ability to garner the necessary stakeholder buy-in, any new idea, initiative, or concept will be challenged to get off the ground. 


Having successfully led both small and large teams in transformational change around the world, Carol understands this dynamic first-hand. To counter these challenges, she uses various strategies to ensure active engagement and successful rollout of change management initiatives including a four-phase framework to help positively move stakeholders through the process of change. As a result, she has consistently been able to deliver dramatic improvement in performance and revenue results. 


Today, she taps into this strategic toolkit when guiding clients in effectively managing change in their organizations, and in so doing, helps them ensure the successful launch of new initiatives.


Four Key Phases to Change:


Experience has shown that people respond to change in different ways and understanding the four key steps in the change process is essential to help people move forward in embracing change in a positive way. 


The first phase is Deny: “We already do it that way…” / “This is not really happening…” / “This doesn’t affect me…” are typical reactions in this phase. 

The next phase is Resist:  Common reactions include: “I don’t like this... "/ ”It won’t work…” / “They don’t understand my role…” / “Clients will hate this…”.

Phase 3 is Explore: Stakeholders start looking at the change with an open mind to see how it works, ask questions, determine the potential benefits, and offer constructive feedback: “Let’s take a look…” / “I can see the benefits…” / “What if we tried this…?” / “I have an idea that could help…”.

The final phase in the change management process is Embrace: This is where stakeholders positively engage and can see the benefits of effective execution. Responses include “This is great…” / “Our clients will love this…” / “Wow! This is the best thing since [sliced bread]…” / “How can I help make this happen…?”

The majority of stakeholders start off in one of the first two phases, either Deny or Resist; however, early adopters (often 15 – 25% of stakeholders) will move straight to phase 3 - Explore, or phase 4 – Embrace. These can serve as valuable role models which can help move everyone through the various phases. 

While understanding the four phases of change is the essential first step, Carol has developed a unique formula to uncover and overcome obstacles and roadblocks to success found in phases one and two in order to help stakeholders become more comfortable with and successfully embrace change in an accelerated fashion.