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Vision | Strategy | Execution | Value

Vision | Strategy | Execution | Value

Vision | Strategy | Execution | ValueVision | Strategy | Execution | ValueVision | Strategy | Execution | Value

What we do

About Us

Strategem offers a unique blend of business consulting, executive coaching, and sales training that enables both small and large organizations, aspiring leaders, and sales teams to propel their performance to the next level.  As a seasoned senior global insurance executive and Marshall Goldsmith certified executive coach, founder and CEO Carol Barton has been helping organizations and their leadership teams set client-focused visions, strategic priorities, and executable actions to transform underperforming and underutilized businesses, achieve unprecedented growth and industry-wide recognition, and elevate aspiring leaders and sales teams' capabilities. 

Leveraging the 4 Quadrants of Change {Deny / Resist / Explore / Embrace] as the framework for transformation, she has consistently led teams to exceed performance expectations, providing a multi-faceted  background that spans across international expansion and operations, M&A, annual strategic planning, change management, growth initiatives, and digital transformation. As a pioneer of innovation in the insurance industry, she succeeded in leading organizations to challenge the status quo and become leaders in the marketplace. 


Strategic Business Consulting

For businesses, both large and small, looking to identify and capitalize on untapped market and global expansion opportunities, we are expert in navigating high-stakes decision-making by facilitating strategic consultation that unearths and evaluates new possibilities for growth. We then work with leaders and their teams to roadmap the game plan needed to profitably operationalize new initiatives and solutions. 


Executive Coaching

Having successfully led organizations with over 2,500 employees and leadership teams comprised of dynamically diverse personalities, strengths, and weaknesses, Carol has coached and developed hundreds of aspiring leaders for over 30 years for improved performance, leadership presence, and decision-making, and brings this experience into the fold when coaching her clients. 



Sales Training & Coaching

For clients struggling with languishing or average-performing sales results, Carol provides a longstanding track record of success in re-directing and empowering sales teams to achieve new levels of performance.  Key to her success has been the ability to stay close to the customer, and lead sales teams in refining their outreach efforts, engagement strategy, and overall value proposition.  


Speaking Engagements

As a recognized industry thought leader and inspirational speaker, Carol has been sought out for speaking engagements globally for both externally and internally facing events.  

Presenting on a wide range of topics spanning emerging risk assessment, sales strategies that drive differentiated value, and business transformation, to promoting gender equality, career development, and women and minorities in leadership in countries around the world, Carol has informed and inspired hundreds of audience participants over the years.